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Adventure Park Leppis is climbing again after dark. This is a great experience that should not be missed. In dark climbing, you conquer the trails of the adventure park  by the light of a headlamp. Come and experience a great experience!


Dark climbing days 2022 

  Fri 14.10 & Fri 21.10


Time: 18:00 – 22:00

About 30 minutes of the time is guidance and about 3 hours of climbing, and the tracks start to close 30 minutes before closing.


 Age limit: 10 years (park rules)


10-13 year olds accompanied by an adult (rules of the game)

14 – 17 year olds with adult permission (rules of the game)

18 –> years old (rules of the game)


Price: €26 / person, including initial instruction, safety harness, helmet and headlamp.

You can also bring your own headlamp.


In addition to the above day, we organize Dark Climbing for groups of at least 15 people upon request.

NOTE 9 track is not used for dark climbing.

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