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Park Rules

  1. In order to guarantee a safe, comfortable and fair adventure, I agree to follow all the advice, promptings and instructions given by the park instructors. 

  2. After staff instructor has checked and approved that my safety equipment is properly dressed, I wear the equipment on my entire adventure. 

  3. I go to the course only when the safety equipment is checked, I have completed and passed the training course and an instructor gives me a permission to leave.

  4. I respect other adventurers without disturbing their accomplishments. 

  5. If I want to pass somebody I am polite and ask a permission for that.

  6. I take care of my equipment and park structures without damaging them deliberately.

  7. I report staff if I see any disadvantages on the park. 

  8. On the climbing park I take care of that I am always connected to the safety cable at least one carabiner without attempting to remove them at the same time.

  9. I undertake to follow instructions and signs on the park as well as load- and staff limitations. 

  10. I know that adventure in nature and in trees may cause, for example, dirt in clothes (resin) and skin scratches / bruises. I understand this and I accept that the adventure park is not responsible for these.

  11. As a responsible adventurer, I do not leave any objects on the course not throw anything down. I inform the staff if I see any not-included items on the park. 

  12. I recognize the limits of my own performance without taking unnecessary risks and unnecessary excessive challenges. I acknowledge the limitations caused by my health and report it to staff if I think they pose a risk in an adventurous situation. 

  13. In order to guarantee a fair and safe adventure, I am not allowed to use alcohol or drugs during the adventure. Importing these materials to the park area is forbidden.

  14. I recognize that the violation of the rules may endanger my and others safety.

  15. The adventure park has liability insurance, but every adventurer cares about their own leisure accident insurance. 

  16. The minimum required length of the adventurer is 130 cm.

  17. Children under the age of 10 are allowed to adventure only with adults. An adult must climb with children on the course. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 years can go alone when a responsible adult supervises on the country. 15-17 year old young can climb without adult supervision, but they need the guardian's approval and signature for the form.

  18. Visit the restroom before you wear the harness. It is not allowed to undress your harness or make needs during the adventure. 

  19. When you wear the harness, smoking is strictly forbidden.

  20. The weight limit specified by the standard on adventure rails is 120kg.

  21. Adventures in nature imposes limitations on the activities, which may cause the park to be completely or partially closed. Tickets purchased will not be exchanged or redeemed.

  22. I participate in an adventure completely voluntarily and my own desire. I understand the rules and risks associated with adventure and I respect and agree to abide in order to guarantee the safety to myself and others.

Read the rules carefully! Your safety is important for us! 

Download printable form here
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