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ARCHERY TAG ergo Combat Archery is Paintball-like game developed in USA where the goal is to hit opponent players with soft-headed arrow.


The game is played in team vs. team mode. Winning team is the one that is able to drop all the players of opposing team or who hits all five marks of the opposing team. 


The players are wearing a mask that protects the face from hits. In the field, each team has three bunkers which can be used as a shield and a hideout place. 


Are you the Robin Hood of your team and save dropped players of your team or would you rather just stalk inside the bunker and let others fight?


Combat Archery is suited for groups of 6-24 people. 

Seikkailupuisto Leppis is the licensed partner of Archery Tag.


ARCHERY TAG is suited for people over 8 years old and who are in basic good health condition.

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