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BUBBLE FOOTBALL is very fun and memorable game. Point of the game is to wear "bubbles" made of plastic and play normal football with en exception that  tackling and bump into other players are allowed (in fact, the more you do this, the funnier the game gets).

There's basically no other rules other than have fun and play fairly. Winning team is the one that makes more goals (although goal making might be a second priority in this game). Bubble football is suited for groups of 6-24 people.



Bubble football is suited for all players who are 140-200cm in height and who weight less than 120kg and who are in basic good health.

Specs of bubble ball:

Height ca.125 cm

Outer diameter ca.150 cm

Inner diameter ca.45 cm

Weight ca. 9 kg


NOTE! The game is not suited for players who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, pregnant or players who have neck, back or other joint injuries. The game is not recommended for people who have epilepsy, heart problems, high blood pressure or people have undergone a surgery within last 12 months. The person who is reserving the bubble football session is responsible for distributing this information to all participants of the session.

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